Saturday, March 8, 2014

Moving Back.

I'm no longer going to continue this blog. For more editorial shots from me, visit
There you will find a large variety of posts from topics about Love, Life, Lifestyle and Music.

Thank you for following this blog, I hope you guys will continue to follow me as I transition back to Is has been a pleasure working on Infatuations by Elle but I think it's time to go back to my old roots and blossom new ideas from there.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Issue: Christmas Special

Christmas is coming round, the most festive holiday of the year and I won’t be home to celebrate it. Instead I’ll be studying in China. Fun. No really, I do think it will be fun. This issue will be kept short and simple: What not to wear for Christmas.
Firstly, don’t wear anything that lights up, it’s just a bit too tacky. Next is mistletoe anywhere on your body when you’re at an office party, the office party is not the place to kiss someone. You don’t want to be an open invitation to a harassment charge, a private party would be okay. 
Jingle bells is next. They may be cute but after a few minutes it starts getting annoying. Holiday costumes is also a no-no, unless it’s a costume party or you’ve been hired to play Santa for the guests.  Santa hat will be given a pass but reindeer antlers are border-line bad. 
Lastly is over-the-top party dresses for an office or family party. No low-cut, skin-tight dresses please, keep in mind who the guests are. Have fun with the wardrobe when celebrating Christmas but keep it stylish. A red, black and white is a beautiful go-to colour palette, or maybe even just green dress.